A Year In Review

Please take a few moments to celebrate our organization’s accomplishments of 2020! View our official report here!

WAER Membership

Over the last 5 years our membership has grown 8.3% and $4250 have been awarded to our scholars. We currently have 45 members. Our members receive:

  • Professional Support
  • Access to Professional Publications and Development opportunities
  • Discounts 
  • Scholarships and Awards

To become a WAER member: https://bit.ly/2IEW3B9

WAER Outreach Efforts

Outreach efforts have resulted in 240 connections!

WAERvis Digital Community

In August 2019, WAER created a Google group that serves as a platform for people who share an interest in the vision field to collaborate, learn, and stay connected. WAERvis was established with 116 members and now has 165 members from 5 states with a variety of connections to the field. In the last year over 600 conversations have been exchanged.  To join WAERvis: https://bit.ly/3gDaGli

Coffee Chats

WAER has held 8 “Coffee Chats” which created a virtual space for vision professionals to congregate and discuss current topics in the field.  An approximate total of 96 people attended. To register for upcoming chats: https://bit.ly/3gCdrTG

“WAER It’s At” Podcast

The WAER It’s At Podcast produced 4 interviews with engaging guests including the Two Blind Brothers. The 4 interviews have increased awareness of the vision field as demonstrated by 145 downloads.  To listen to the podcasts: https://bit.ly/2JJP4HT

Collaborative Vision Conference

The CVC was established in 2016 as a professional development opportunity for all vision professionals including Birth-to-Three, TVI, O&M, and adult providers. Over a 4 year span, 371 participants have collaborated and increased their knowledge. This year, the conference was canceled due to the global pandemic.  See below for information about the 2021 Virtual CVC that is going to be amazing!

WAER also hosted the 2019 NCOMA conference for Orientation and Mobility Professionals in the North Central region.

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